5 ways to do a day at a dining hall

There are so many choices, but we can help you narrow them down.

If you like… to be picky

Morning: If you’re a picky eater, Rollins is a good breakfast choice. They have a great array of breakfast items — from eggs and sausage to fresh fruit and doughnuts — and there’s no way you can’t find something you like.

Afternoon: Plaza 900 is perfect for any picky person. From the choose-your-own stir fry to the deli — which offers croissants as a bread option — Plaza has enough choices for everyone to find something they like. See if Sandy knows your name when you swipe in by the end of the year.

If you like… last minute snacking

Morning: If you wake up too late, Emporium is the best place to swing by and grab a milk and cereal or a Pop-tart. The grocery store feel of the hall provides a lot of to-go food options that are awesome for any breakfast on the go.

Afternoon: For a quick lunch between classes, there's no better place than Time Out. They have Gatorade, puppy chow and chicken nuggets to-go, so there’s nothing else you really need.

Evening: For a dinner you can eat in your pajamas, go to Rollins @Night to get late night snacks to go. Rollins is open until 1 a.m. on weeknights, which is great for late-night study binges (or Netflix binges). They have pizza, chicken wings and Bosco Sticks, so it’s always good for cravings.

If you like… trying new things

Morning: The Mark on 5th Street breakfast is famous for Adela’s omelettes. Adela runs the grille during the mornings, and she’ll always ask: “Both cheeses, honey?” Part of coming to college is trying new things, so step out of the breakfast box and order something unexpected.

Evening: Baja is open late, and it has a lot of vague foods that are worth eating after you’ve already reached hour five on your Netflix binge. Their salsa and quesadillas, along with their chips and queso, are probably the best Baja options, but their fish tacos are sometimes pretty good too.

If you like… hanging out with friends

Morning: If you want to eat with friends, Emporium is a popular morning hangout. You can visit the yogurt bar and get a drink and then sit at the tables or couches with your friends. It’s busy enough that you can chat about what happened on “The Bachelor” last night, but still serene enough that you can still hunker down and study with your friends.

Afternoon: It’s easy to spend a few hours in Plaza just talking with friends. Their two-story dining facility has enough soft-serve to last you through a long chat session with your buddies, and enough comfortable seating that you’ll never want to leave.

Evening: If you’re looking for a lot of seating, you and your friends can eat some mini-pizzas or sandwiches at The Mark @Night. The later it gets, the chiller the vibes, and you can sit in a booth with your friends and go over notes or just chat about life.

If you like… great food

Afternoon: Sabai is the on-campus Asian fusion restaurant. The sweet chili chicken is one of their best dishes, and getting their pork egg roll and a small cup of sweet potatoes is a good idea if you’re feeling extra hungry. Plus, they have a great boba tea, so if you’re looking to try good Southeast Asian-ish dishes, Sabai is definitely for you.

Evening: There is no better campus dining food than Pavilion at Dobbs. Dobbs has great burgers and patty melts and a top notch choice of desserts. Plus, they sometimes have tater tots (for some reason called potato gems), which is incredible.

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