GIFT GUIDE: FOR: Your sweetie

Because mistletoe would just be cliche.

With the joy of having a significant other comes the stress of the holiday season and gift shopping. How could you possibly find the perfect gift? Well, fret no longer. The following is a list of go-to gifts that are sure to work for any relationship.

Concert/Event Tickets If you and your significant other share similar interests in music or art, this gift is perfect. Not only does your significant other get to enjoy the event, but you do, too. The best part of this gift is that you get to be together and share the memories made through the night.

Homemade Goodies Maybe you have an old family recipe you like. Maybe you just really like to bake. This gift works because everyone likes treats. It’s a very heartfelt gift because you make it yourself specifically for your significant other. The extra labor used to make this gift makes it that much more genuine.

Date Idea Jar This gift idea also requires a little bit of DIY-ing. Simply writing down date ideas and dressing them up by putting them in a jar or even binding them in a booklet can easily show your significant other that you care and love spending time with them. It will also come in handy for the times neither of you can agree on a place to go or something to do on a date night.

Accessories Bows, hats, watches, necklaces, bracelets, rings, neckties (bowties?)… The list never ends. Although some may consider this a basic gift, it’s something with very little room to go wrong. If you’re feeling lost, you can usually find a salesperson at the store who has the knowledge to help you find just what you’re looking for. One of the perks of buying an accessory as a gift for your significant other is that it will never fail to remind them of you while they wear it.

Mix CD Music has a way of saying things that some people don’t have the words to say. By making a playlist of songs that remind you of your significant other, you can show them how you feel in a different way. To convert a basic list of songs into a gift, you can simply burn the playlist to a CD and decorate the cover to make it a little more personalized.

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