May the force (and our geeky gift guide) be with you this holiday season

Whether the recipient loves fantasy, sci-fi or something else, we’ve got you covered

While planning your shopping list for this holiday season, you might’ve realized that your geeky friend or family member already owns the “Star Wars” deluxe movie set, a “Harry Potter” wand and an impressive video game collection. Well, look no further for ideas of what you can get — MOVE’s got you covered with our geeky gift guide.

Fantasy fans If the giftee has been quoting “Winter is coming” ever since the temperature first dropped below 40 degrees, these gifts are for them. The Iron Throne ornament will be the perfect royal addition to any tree. If you’re looking for something to put underneath the tree, the official “Game of Thrones” coloring book is geeky, beautiful and stress relieving. On the Tolkien side of fantasy fandom, these “Hobbit” letter openers that resemble Thorin Oakenshield and Bilbo Baggins’ weapons are both practical and badass.

Sci-fi fans Any college student can benefit from a new laundry hamper, whether to replace an older one or simply to have two for when you wait a month to do laundry and your first one is overflowing. This R2-D2 laundry hamper gets the job done in style. If the giftee is more of a “Star Trek” fan, a great wearable gift is this Starfleet Academy class ring replica — Starfleet Academy is like the Hogwarts of sci-fi. For fans of the third big sci-fi franchise, “Doctor Who,” these TARDIS string lights would be a great decoration for any room.

Video game fans For gamers who prefer the light-hearted and cute, Nintendo plushes are a great option, from “Legend of Zelda’s” Link to “Pokemon’s” Pikachu. If they’re into grittier, more combat-based games, “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Library, Vol. 1: The Histories” is a collection of lore from one of the most popular open-world fantasy games of all time.

Comics/superheroes fans Cinematic superhero fans will enjoy art books of popular movies, such as “The Avengers” or “The Guardians of the Galaxy.” These collections are the print equivalent of hours of behind-the-scenes content, featuring concept art and interviews. For those who prefer comics, you can never go wrong with a subscription. Good Marvel choices include “Spider-Gwen,” “Mighty Thor” and “Captain America: Sam Wilson.” For DC, try “Action Comics,” “Wonder Woman” or “Justice League”.

Anime fans If your geeky friend enjoys the Japanese cultural sensations of anime and manga, Nendoroid brand figures are a great gift. They are small, cute figures of popular anime characters that also happen to be a lot cheaper than traditional figures. Popular Nendoroids right now include Celty Sturluson from “DuRaRaRa!!” and Shoyo Hinata from “Haikyuu!!.” Art prints are also a great choice — just head to Society6, which is akin to Etsy but for art and fanart, and search for the giftee’s favorite series. These fanart prints make great posters.

Bookworms For bookworms who are also huge “Harry Potter” fans, gifting them the brand new illustrated edition of “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” will fulfill all their dreams. For more general bookworm gifts, check out the Etsy shop Little Literature. The shop owner creates miniature versions of books, either by themselves or as jewelry or keychains. You can choose from the shop’s variety of titles, or request a custom order to make sure you get your giftee their favorite book. Another great stocking stuffer for anyone who enjoys reading is the Finger Print bookmark, which keeps track of not only what page you left off on, but the exact line as well.

Not quite sure? So you know the giftee is pretty geeky, but you’re not sure what exactly they’re into. With these last few gifts, you can’t go wrong. First off, Funko POP creates figures of practically every character from every geeky series ever made. “Game of Thrones,” “The Hunger Games,” “Disney” — you name it, they have it. For gifts not related to any specific series, check out the mugs on The Unemployed Philosophers Guild. Some great options are the Shakespearean insult mug and a mug with dinosaurs that disappear into fossils when heated up by your beverage. Finally, “Geektastic: Stories from the Nerd Herd” is an anthology of short stories about all different kinds of geekdom.

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