MOVE in print: Pepe’s, Brangelina and politics

Take a look at Downtown Watch, MOVE recommendations and the recipe of the week.

Downtown watch

Pepe’s of Columbia: Pepe’s Tacos, the taco shop inside of Rose Music Hall, is closing its doors this weekend. In their closing announcement on Facebook, they wrote that they are “moving on to spend more time with my family — and play more futbol ;)” Rose Music Hall is now looking for a new restaurateur to take over their kitchen.

Mowgli’s show: The Mowgli’s, a seven-person indie pop band, is coming to The Blue Note on Sept. 24 at 9 p.m. Doors open at 8 p.m. and the show will also feature Colony House and Dreamers. You’ll be saying “Hi, Hey There, Hello” to the group reminiscent of Fun and Grouplove. Colony House is more alternative rock band, and Dreamers feature a more nomadic, ethereal sound.

MOVE recommends:

Keeping romance alive Brangelina is divorcing, apparently because Brad and Angelina have irreconcilable parenting differences, but you can keep their romance alive with Mr. and Ms. Smith. That should put a Band-Aid on the Brangelina wound, but adding in ice cream, chips and popcorn will probably also help.

Talking about politics Chelsea is Chelsea Handler’s follow-up to the Chelsea Does series, and last week’s episode, My Story is an American Story, starred guests Diane Guerrero and Mike Coulter and was one of her best. Guerrero discussed the deportation of her parents when she was a kid, and Coulter talked about his new show, Luke Cage. Although the show is sometimes controversial and edgy, her episodes are more hard-hitting than other daytime talk shows, and she often brings up politics and social justice issues.

Laughing and cupcakes Justin Willman, comedian and host of Cupcake Wars on the Food Network and Win, Lose or Draw on the Disney Channel is coming to MU on Sept. 23. At the event, he will do magic, as that is his specialty, but he is best known for his cupcake prowess. Smallcakes, one of the franchises of a Cupcake Wars winning shop, is located in town at 2609 E. Broadway. Take a cupcake tour with your folks this parents weekend and see Willman and Smallcakes.

Recipe of the week:

Northern Irishman like the one you might order at Ugly Mugg

Ugly Mugg uses nitrogen coffee, but if you don’t have a $1,000 dollars to spend on a nitrogen machine, just ice and coffee into a blender. When you have a smooth blended drink, add in Jameson whiskey and a little bit of Kahlua for a bolder, creamier coffee flavor.

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