8 things to do when classes end

A collection of activities for when classes end.

This semester has been nothing short of crazy. The transition to online classes may have been hard on some of us, but what will we do without them? When staring at the ceiling or walls gets old, everyone will need something else to pass the time. MOVE’s got your back. Here are eight things people can do to fill these socially-isolated summer days.

Learn how to cook

Yes, people — cooking is a necessity. If there is someone to impress, food is a good way to do it. Look up a recipe and try something new! Websites like SuperCook.com take lists of what people have in their cupboard and give recipes for free. No time like the present to learn how to cook.

Read or re-read the Harry Potter series

Harry Potter is a classic and if someone hasn't read it yet, I recommend using this free time to start. It has wizards, adventure, suspense and great character buildup that even people who don’t like to read can appreciate. If there are some who have already read it, they can remind themselves of the happy days when they could hang with friends and go on playdates. They can reminisce and incorporate some magic into their life without leaving their room.

When that’s done, watch the movies

All of the Harry Potter movies are great and after reading the books they can be more enjoyable. Plus, there is an excuse to build a fort and eat yummy snacks. What’s not to like?

Get in a workout groove

Workouts can be a pain, but YouTube is full of great trainers that can make it less of a chore. Blogilates, for example, has short 10-20 minute workouts that can be done anywhere. Blogilates also has a monthly calendar on their website that lines up daily, 45-minute workouts to help people stay organized. And an added bonus: all of this is free.

Clean out your room

You know those participation trophies that have been gathering dust for years? Or those candy wrappers under your bed from Halloween in the 5th grade? Your parents don’t want to look at them either. Clean things out now when you have nowhere to go. Having a clean room can also make things less chaotic. As Olaf says in Frozen II, “We call this ‘controlling what you can when things feel out of control’.”

Keep a journal

In 10 years, some may want to look back on these experiences. Many of us are feeling weird and unmotivated from being stuck inside, so why not rant and get frustrated on paper? Taking the time to organize thoughts can help keep emotions in check.

Introduce yourself to some throwback jams

There are some really great tunes from the ‘60s, ‘70s and ‘80s. Take some time to dive into the past — there is a lot to like in there. Goofy parents may also start dancing like idiots, which can be a great post on social media.

Find ways to relax

When we get back to campus, things may start to feel overwhelming. So, take some time now to find what makes you feel most at ease. Maybe your thing is guided meditations or yoga on YouTube or listening to your favorite chill playlist on Spotify. Whatever it is, find a way to center yourself and enjoy the nice summer weather.

Edited by Sophie Stephens | sstephens@themaneater.com

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