Millennial Manners: The ultimate last-minute gift guide

Sometimes we just need to cop-out without copping-out.

We’ve all been there: you forgot a gift for that one person on your list. Maybe it’s your coworker, your cousin or that friend you just always seem to forget about. Whatever the case, you usually have a day or less to get something together, and you may have no clue what to buy them. Ideally, you want this gift to give the best impression possible with the least amount of work, so it’s best to keep a few surefire gift ideas on hand for situations like this. Keep this one for your records; it just might make you a holiday hero.

Handwritten Notes

Over the past few years, holiday cards and notes have become a personal staple of mine. Even if writing isn’t your strong suit, you can make anyone smile by writing just a few nice words around the holiday season. Having some nice paper or blank cards around is key to taking your last-minute gift to the next level.

Personal Gifts

Sometimes the best gifts to receive are ones that have a personal story behind them. If you’re stuck with one of your friends, use an aspect of your friendship to buy a present. Something as simple as a framed photo or memento from a trip you took can be all you need.

Gift Baskets

For the ultimate last-minute gift, you can’t go wrong with gift baskets. A curated collection of small gifts shows a lot of thought (little do they know you just read this article) with minimal effort. Gift basket items include: food, alcohol, candles, cosmetics, magazines, books, and anything else you feel they would like or use. Toss it in a container (not a cardboard box; do better than that at least) and feel free to throw in a card (see above) to tie it all together.

Gift Cards: Thoughtful or Thoughtless?

There’s a heated argument behind giving gift cards. For some, it comes across as obviously careless and last-minute. For others, it’s a practical and personal gift. If you’re planning on giving a gift card, the best way is to buy a few in smaller denominations for their favorite places. You can’t go wrong with food places, so your friend that lives off of Starbucks, Chipotle and Subway just might be in luck this year.

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