REVIEW: Comedy band Ninja Sex Party drops new album “The Prophecy”

Ninja Sex Party’s newest album continues the record of successful comedy albums.

Ninja Sex Party’s eighth studio album, “The Prophecy” is a 12-song adventure through various relatable experiences like first dates, bringing a girl home for the first time, missing an ex and trying to sleep. Formed in 2009, singer Dan Avidan and keyboardist Brian Wecht have produced seven LPs over the years, consisting of four original and three cover albums. Released on Oct. 16, “The Prophecy” opens up with “Intro (The),” a short message from the band’s characters Danny Sexbang and Ninja Brian welcoming fans to their fifth original album. The song gives the feeling of a renaissance festival but ends with a rocking guitar solo which sets the pace for the rest of the album. “The Mystic Crystal” is a seven-movement song that takes the listener through the classic damsel in distress trope, complete with magic portals and cliffs that cause erectile dysfunction. The song consists of both fast-paced rock and slower sections that help convey the road of adventure. While having a Dungeons & Dragons journey vibe, it pokes fun at stereotypical quests and ends on a satisfying and sweet message. If regular lullabies aren't getting you to bed anymore, “It’s Bedtime” is everything one could want in a heavy metal version of the childhood tunes. Avidan’s beautiful vocals ease us into the song before being thrown into a fast-moving combination of jackhammers, screaming and saxophone which strangely mesh well. This rock anthem will do anything but put you to sleep. “The Decision Part 2: Ten Years Later” comes as a call back to their song “The Decision” from their first album “NSFW.” The track is a look back at the music they have produced over the years in between the albums. It is a well-put-together compilation of references and callbacks that one can’t help but sing along too. If you've been longing for a 1970s disco tune, then “Welcome to My Parents’ House” is an absolute must. The catchy beat is well mixed with the teen frustration of bringing home a date and having your parents interrupt. The beat will make you nostalgic for the old days, while also reminding you of the days when teenage angst made you get in an argument with your parents in front of your crush. “Wondering Tonight” is a balance between a relatable song about heartbreak and sucking genitalia. The beautiful vocal performance draws in the listener and then unexpectedly throws you into the chorus where it talks about wondering “Who you’re slamming hard tonight.” It is a fun take on the things that cross one's mind after their significant other leaves them unexpectedly. The final song, “Outro (Prophecy),” is a satisfying wrap up as listeners are congratulated for making it to the end of the album. Listeners revel as the mood is brought back to the medieval feels the album started with. They are then inducted into the “league of champions” with the one and only “final triumphant chord.” There is a reason “The Prophecy” charted as well as it did. Each song is unique, entertaining and manages to keep people dancing and singing along all the way through. In a time where there is so much uncertainty and stress in the world, it's nice to have something fun to keep up good spirits.

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