What to do if their penis is too big

By taking the proper steps and communicating with your partner(s), you should be able to minimize or end discomfort during sex with someone with a large penis.

“Anaconda,” “one-eyed monster,” “salami,” “steamin’ semen roadway.” There's a lot of slang terms out there referring to large penises. But what do you do if your partner(s) just have too much junk in their trunk that makes sex uncomfortable?

Generally speaking, most vaginas and anuses are able to fit almost all shapes and sizes of penises, given the use of lube, proper arousal levels and (for anal especially) preparation. Vaginas are an “elastic” organ, meaning that the walls of a vagina are able to expand when needed and collapse when not in use.

In people who have not given birth, the vagina is around 3 inches deep, but can expand by as much as 200 percent when sexually aroused. The anus is very pliable as well. The anus can stretch to accommodate some fairly large objects including, although we do not under any circumstances recommend it, a 20-inch eel and a 12-inch long an 8-inch wide salami.

Even though the tissue in these areas can stretch to accommodate larger penises, sometimes this process can be painful. The first thing to do when having sex with someone with a large penis is to make sure you are properly aroused. By being properly aroused, you are ensuring that the vagina is creating lubrication and is expanding.

Foreplay is your friend. The more foreplay you engage in, the more aroused you will be able to become. Why not even try to orgasm once before engaging in penetrative sex? When a person with a vagina orgasms, they release ejaculate that lubricates the vagina and the orgasm causes their muscles to contract and then relax.

Foreplay is very important for anal sex as well. It may be necessary to prepare for anal sex with a large penis by using toys to slowly stretch the anal tissue without discomfort or tearing. Taking it slow and not pushing yourself too hard is the key to engaging in safe and pleasurable anal sex.

Lubrication is also your friend when it comes to having penetrative sex with a person with a large penis. Lube reduces the amount of friction during sex and can make insertion much easier. It's important to remember to constantly be reapplying lube through the duration of sex. There's nothing worse than having dry sex that results in pain and maybe even bleeding come the next morning.

There are also certain outside circumstances that could be affecting your vagina’s ability to create its own lubricant. For example, some low-dose contraceptives, antidepressants, stress, smoking and improper diet can all impact your vagina’s ability to “get wet.”

One thing you and your partner(s) can do to make sex more comfortable is try switching up the positions. Especially in the beginning of penetration, it may be better for the partner being penetrated to be in control of the speed and depth of penetration. Positions like the spooning position, modified doggy style and face-to-face are all other options.

If sex with your partner(s) is too uncomfortable, there are many other ways to have sex without penetration. You and your partner(s) could engage in oral or digital sex, use toys, explore other erogenous zones, try mutual masturbation and much more, all without having penetrative sex. Exploration and experimentation to find what you like will lead to better, more comfortable sex.

Saying no is always an option as well. If penetration is too uncomfortable, or you just don't feel like it, communicating to your partner that you don't want to have sex is always perfectly valid.

There are some reasons that even with all of these precautions a person may not be able to have penetrative sex. For example, conditions like pelvic inflammatory disease and endometriosis can make sex very painful for some individuals. It is extremely important to respect your partner(s) and be cognizant of if they are feeling any pain should they have one of these conditions.

By taking the proper steps and communicating with your partner(s), you should be able to minimize or end discomfort during sex with someone with a large penis. So, next time you tackle the one-eyed wonder worm, just remember —lots of foreplay, lube, communication and experimentation will make your sex life much better.

Edited by Siena DeBolt | sdebolt@themaneater.com

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