Planned Parenthood group continues push for on-campus emergency contraceptives

Planned Parenthood organization hopes to meet with provost and gain support from MSA regarding the accessibility of emergency contraceptives for MU students.

Planned Parenthood Advocates of Mizzou has received more than 1,000 signatures on its Plan B petition in an effort to pass a bill and gain support from MSA.

PPAM has organized a Plan B petition to acquire emergency contraceptives on campus for all students. The cost of contraceptives would be added to the semesterly student health fee, which the organization announced at an MSA presentation in December 2018.

More efforts, such as a meeting with Provost Latha Ramchand, are in the works to discuss the emergency contraception initiative, according to PPAM treasurer Colleen Lee.

“So far we have had lots of support from students and faculties,” Lee said. “We have lots of written testimonies from students and staff about why emergency contraception is vital to students’ health and autonomy.”

PPAM has also been in charge of other events like its “Better Late Than Never” campaign to promote general sex education. They plan to present a sexual education series and have meetings once or twice a month after the initial installment.

According to Lee, pushing for emergency contraceptives on campus is vital due to the existing barriers there are in obtaining it.

“We feel that there should be no barriers to receive health care,” Lee said.

Lee said there has been little push back regarding the initiative and believes the reason for this could be linked to the expansion of healthcare and choice for MU students.

For instance, MU senior Jake Howell said while he disapproves of premarital sex, he believes access to emergency contraceptives is beneficial. “I’m a Christian, I believe that sex is defined by marriage. I think anything outside of that is like fire outside of a fireplace...that being said, I think having access to [Plan B] on campus is far greater than to not,” Howell said.

PPAM told MSA senators it hopes to officially implement the emergency contraception plan by fall 2019.

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