Mizzou Pharmacy-MU Student Center announces closure to centralize resources

Students who have their prescriptions at the Mizzou Pharmacy-Student Center can move to Mizzou Pharmacy-Hitt Street by phone.
Shelves were full at the Mizzou Pharmacy prior to the location’s closure. | Photo by Staff Photographer Teddy Maiorca

The closure announcement of the Mizzou Pharmacy-MU Student Center at the end of last month had phones ringing in the pharmacy most the day as students hurried to change the location of their prescriptions.

Tom Greenlee, MU Health Care retail pharmacy manager, said the closure resulted from the pharmacy’s desire to centralize their resources.

“Other Mizzou Pharmacy locations nearby also serve MU students and staff, so we are centralizing MU Health Care pharmacy services at the Mizzou Pharmacy-Hitt Street location to better use our resources while continuing to serve our patients in a convenient location near campus,” Greenlee said in an email.

Prescriptions initially filled by Mizzou Pharmacy-MU Student Center will be moved to Mizzou Pharmacy-Hitt Street where patients can expect the same level of care as they did with their previous location.

Staff from the Student Center pharmacy will move to the Hitt Street pharmacy and work together with other staff to cull the possible influx of deliveries.

At first, students worried about needing to transfer their prescriptions, but after the pharmacy received several calls, students found that the change did not impact them as great as they thought.

“I was really concerned about how complicated it would be to transfer my prescriptions from pharmacy to pharmacy; all the signs outside the student center said that we had to call to do so,” freshman Olivia Bommelje said. “When I called to do so it ended up being automatic without me having to do anything. Apparently, there was a lot of confusion around the whole transition, and it makes it inconvenient for people [who] don’t live right over in Truman Central.”

After the confusion around calling in prescriptions cleared, students found that the consolidation of the two on-campus pharmacies did not have a huge effect on them. The centralization of MU pharmacies eases confusion and workload for staff at the pharmacies and students needing to fill out prescriptions.

“Mizzou Pharmacy Services is doing great and committed to continuing to provide the best service possible to our community,” Greenlee said in an email.

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