MUPD gains new chief in Brian Weimer

After 28 years of service at all levels of the MUPD, Brian Weimer will now be taking the reins.

Brian Weimer, interim chief of the MU Police Department and major of operations, was named the official chief of police on Monday. He held the interim chief of MUPD position since July of 2020 when Doug Schwandt, former chief of police, announced his retirement.

In the subsequent press release, Weimer gave credit to the “exceptional'' team he works with at the MUPD for his acceptance of the position, saying that his belief in each member is what compelled him to become the official leader of the squad.

“I am proud of being part of a department that holds itself to the highest levels of law enforcement professionalism and best practices as shown by our commitment to accreditation,” Weimer said in the press release.

Weimer has been a member of the MUPD since 1992 when he started as an officer. Since then, he rose from lieutenant to major in 2015.

Before the promotions, Weimer worked with students, faculty and staff to shift the MUPD into an active group on campus. As a crime prevention officer, he operated educational programs, security surveys and community involvement to create a proactive environment.

“Our officers interact with members of our campus community every day, working hard to meet their needs and build relationships,” Weimer said.

Weimer also has experience as the department’s public relations officer. He organized press releases and worked with Columbia publications.

His work as a detective and lieutenant put him in a leadership role early as he conducted background investigations on police applicants, assisted with the department’s accreditation process and helped with preparations for Mizzou football and basketball games at home.

Gary Ward, MU vice chancellor for operations, feels that Weimer is a man “our Campus community will be well served by,” trusting Weimer’s “long history of interacting with campus organizations” and his willingness to never stop improving the department from within.

“[Weimer’s] years of experience at Mizzou will make him invaluable as chief of the MU Police Department,” Ward said.

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