MUPD officer terminated after blackface photo discovered

The photo was taken prior to his employment with MUPD.

The University of Missouri Police Department Officer Marcus Collins was terminated on March 19 after officials discovered a photo of him in blackface, according to a news release from the MU News Bureau.

Collins identified himself in the photo and said that it was taken prior to his employment with the MUPD, according the news release.

“This type of behavior is not tolerated at Mizzou, and we understand how this impacts our entire community profoundly,” Chancellor Alexander Cartwright said in the news release. “Racism, hate and insensitive behavior have no place on our campus. We are committed to our values of respect, responsibility, discovery and excellence, and to making our campus a place where everyone feels welcome and protected.” MUPD hired Collins in January 2018, according to Basi. Collins was terminated immediately after the photo was discovered, according to the MU News Bureau. “The fact that the photo was out there and it was of someone who not only works at Mizzou, but is in control of my safety, is scary considering the fact that I am African American,” freshman Morgan Woolridge said. “It’s horrifying to know that someone who is supposed to be protecting me has posted a racist image online.” Woolridge said Collins’ termination made her feel better. “The university did not make any excuses,” Woolridge said. “They just made sure he was fired in order to ensure the safety of other students.”

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