Step Forward Mizzou ends campaign in MSA presidential race

The campaign stated in an email Wednesday morning they are dropping out for personal reasons.

Omobude Eke and AJ Fisher of the Step Forward Mizzou campaign have ended their campaign for president and vice president of the Missouri Students Association.

Although the two participated in the debate hosted by The Maneater on Feb. 20, they deleted their social media platforms for the campaign Tuesday night. In an email Wednesday morning Eke said the two had suspended their campaign for personal reasons.

“Yes, we have decided to end our campaign for our own personal reasons and believe that these reasons that we decided upon should remain between us,” Eke said in the email.

Additional confirmation comes from Bryce Fuemmeler, the chair of the MSA Board of Elections Commissioners.

The two remaining slates are Anthony Tretter and Kara Hjerstedt with More for Mizzou and Trey Cook and Alaina Vacante with Tradition for Tomorrow.

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