Truman’s Closet reopens at new downtown location

The closet is back after reorganizing within Tiger Pantry.

Truman’s Closet reopened rental operations in early February to aid students looking for graduation attire or professional clothing at its new location in the Tiger Pantry office.

Truman’s Closet is a student-led organization that offers two-week clothing rentals for all MU students, faculty, staff and healthcare workers. According to their website, the closet accepts donations from the community and provides educational resources.

After taking the fall 2020 semester off to reorganize, Truman’s Closet now offers rentals for business attire and caps and gowns. Truman’s Closet and Tiger Pantry are located at the Hitt Street Parking Structure. The new space is more accessible for students living close to campus, Brady Peters, director of Tiger Pantry and Truman’s Closet, said.

“We were previously in our Rock Quarry location that was not convenient for students to access on foot,” Peters said. “By being in our new location, we are within walking distance. It’s a good opportunity to get a lot of students that are either freshmen or people living downtown.”

With many seniors attending commencement ceremonies this spring, Truman’s Closet is offering limited amounts of caps, gowns, doctoral and master’s garments. The ability to pay for graduation attire should not be a burden for students, Brittany Pomilee, a graduate assistant at Truman’s Closet and Tiger Pantry, said.

“We’re able to provide graduation regalia for rental so that way people can take pictures or attend a commencement ceremony and be able to feel and look their best [and] really take in that celebration,” Pomilee said.

Clothing can be picked up or dropped off curbside at the Hitt Street Parking Structure during business hours, which are Sundays from noon-2:30 p.m., and Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 4:30-6:30 p.m.

“We’ve had a good amount of donations over the last semester, even while we were closed,” Peters said. “Those items, just like the items that we already have, are catalogued on our Facebook page.”

Truman’s Closet accommodates people who can’t pick up the clothes themselves. Those who need their clothing delivered should fill out the delivery form on Tiger Pantry’s MU Engage page.

Anyone who is in quarantine or self-isolation can have clothes delivered to them. The delivery service also includes those at a higher risk of contracting COVID-19, Pomilee said.

Students can take a look at Truman’s Closet on Facebook to find out what garments the closet offers, along with learning resources for students entering the professional landscape. More information can also be found on the Tiger Pantry website.

“It really can make the difference and boost your confidence when you know you look and feel the best for whatever professional development opportunity coming your way,” Pomilee said. “I would definitely encourage people to take a look and see what Truman’s Closet has to offer.”

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