COLUMN: Everything MU students need to know about the benefits of past life regression therapy.

College is a turbulent point in life and school does little to help that. Past life regression therapy can provide a break from the chaos.

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The transition from teen to adult is a daunting task for most. In 2020, we have had to learn to prepare for surprises, but what happens when life inevitably gets too overwhelming to handle?

Young adults have struggled with this for decades. To avoid the stress and breakdowns associated with this time, past life regression therapy can help relax the racing mind. PLR is a form of hypnotherapy, meaning it guides someone to a deep trance and extreme concentration of their thoughts.

PLR specifically reconnects subjects with past life experiences and traumas to find the reasoning for natural connections to certain places or things. While it is hypnotherapy, it is not a form that leaves one without memory of what they’ve seen. This provides symbols of what to look for in present day life.

Being able to define symbols they questioned before their PLR experience, like why a certain tree always caught their attention or why a random building gave them a certain feeling, gives a sense of clarity and reduces stress.

PLR indirectly improves productivity because it organizes coherent thoughts for the subject, providing definitive answers. Having a definitive answer to recurring thoughts eliminates the constant distraction and makes time for productive work. This means MU students could use this therapy to plan their schedules for the day and complete all their tasks without stress.

The reason why PLR subjects recall a particular time or place from their past life is heavily debated by supporters and skeptics. “Past life regression allows people to see the bigger picture of their soul’s journey and apply lessons from the past to the present day” said past-life regressionist, Mira Kelley.

Critics often believe PLR is a waste of time and money, based on the fact that PLR’s truth is built purely on empirical studies, meaning there is not scientific proof that this method of hypnotherapy is beneficial. Anyone that wants to try it has to decide their opinion based on personal accounts of it working.

Other skeptics have tried the therapy and seen visions of close family members or traumatic events, yet credit it as a thought they concocted on the drive to their appointment, with knowledge they were about to be hypnotized.

Overwhelmingly, the hundreds of reviews and accounts of healing personal experiences outweigh the handful of failed accounts of PLR therapy working. The beauty of PLR is that anyone can do it right at home when it’s convenient for them, especially college students with busy schedules. There are podcasts on Spotify, books and various Youtube videos ranging from 30 minutes to about an hour if one would prefer that to an in-person session.

Therefore, for the jam packed college student, past life regression therapy is an easy way to release tied up emotions, grow mental stability and remove barriers to gain access to inner peace. Since it is safe to assume nobody knows exactly what their life has in store and builds up stress every so often, there is no harm in letting go with past life regression therapy.

MU students have been experiencing high levels of stress over the last year. The student population has said almost half of all students in the Missouri System schools have experienced stress in the past year and 57% have had anxiety. From being in isolation, college students' depression levels have gone up. Past life regression therapy can help MU students cope with these challenges because it directly targets past experiences relating to the present cause of stress or anxiety.

I had a successful hypnosis when I tried PLR for myself. Personally, I believe the more open a potential subject is to the idea, the more likely the past life experience will be beneficial. I think whoever tries PLR will gain success based on how their personal thought process functions, even if it isn’t exactly the same as another person. There is no right or wrong to the process if one let’s it happen. I believe PLR works differently for everyone, but everyone can take something away from their session.

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